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David Harford Counselling Psychotherapy and Supervision

CTA(P), UKCP Reg, MBACP Accred, Dip TA Counselling

Friendly and professional services for individuals, couples and practitioners based in Musselburgh

07962 887783             [email protected]

How to access phone, or Skype counselling

Please get in touch with me, either by phone, e-mail, or by clicking the 'Contact Me' tab to the left and submitting the form provided- and I will happily explain further how this service works.

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Why choose telephone-based, or Skype counselling?

Telephone, or Skype counselling may be suitable for people who:

  • live too far away to access traditional face-to-face sessions
  • travel away from home on a regular basis
  • are single parents, for whom childcare may be difficult to arrange
  • have a mobility impairment, or other disability
  • feel too shy to attend face-to-face sessions, at least initially

However, there are some clear disadvantages to telephone counselling:

  • it lacks visual cues, so non-verbal communication can be missed
  • interacting over the phone can feel a little distant
  • the client must be able to guarantee an uninterrupted, quiet and private place to call from

Skype counselling- though more contactful than working over the phone and a good alternative to face-to-face sessions- does have some unique challenges of its own; most importantly:

  • it relies on both parties having a stable internet connection
  • again, the client must be able to guarantee an uninterrupted, quiet and private place to call from

IMPORTANT - If you are in a state of considerable distress, phone and Skype counselling are probably not the best methods of seeking help. In such a situation, the protective and nurturing environment afforded by meeting face-to-face is likely to be much safer for you and far more effective.